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202 - The end is nigh

posted 31 Dec 2015, 02:10 by Sandra Kirby
I was not sober driver tonight but didn't drink enough to end up at morgue as per Adrian's blog.
We have had a wonderful day. Been great to be in contact with everyone.  My blessings continue.  
We loved the Manukau Heads Lighthouse - sure Tony will be adding some of his amazing photos either to FB or Google+.  One of the delights of this holiday has been exploring new, to us, places like the lighthouse. This was built after NZ's worst naval disaster - the wreck of the Orpheus in February 1863 with 189 people drowned - almost 3/4 of the people aboard.  As most were navy people and it was the time of the NZ wars this was an epic fail for ship commander. An early workplace accident you could say.  Erection of lighthouse happened comparatively quickly.  The current lighthouse is a replica of the original and looks authentic but doesn't have a light. 
A couple had their wedding/civil union ceremony when we were there.  Both men looked v happy but made me feel a bit poignant. Total wedding group was 6 including celebrant - couple; 2 photographer/ witnesses, celebrant and one other.  Thinking about the joy of sharing the wedding days of Maria& Tim and Mark & Stacey it made me a little sad that for whatever reason this couples joy was witnessed by more strangers than family. 
Well 2016 is nearly upon us. 
Time to share the Scottish Blessing that always reminds me of my father

May those who love us, love us
And those who don't love us
May God turn their hearts;
And if he doesn't turn their hearts, 
May he turn their ankles;
So we wil know them by their limping.

 With a late burst we got the blog posts over 200 for the year.  A credible total.